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The Department of Finance in NKUST was established in 1996. The department has also found the Graduate Institute of Finance with the in-service master program and the Ph.D. program. The department aims to provide students with the theoretical and empirical tools necessary to achieve high levels of expertise in corporate finance and personal finance. At present, the department has 11 faculty members who all have attained the Ph.D. degree and offers a large selection of courses in finance, including Economics, Accounting, Statistics, Corporate Finance, Investment Theory and Practice, Financial Statement Analysis, Firm Valuation, Futures and Options, Bond Markets, Security Analysis, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Governance, Working Capital Management, Financial Ethics and Social Responsibility, International Financial Management, etc. In 2019, the department is ranked among the top institutions in NKUST and is ranked among the top 20 institutions in Taiwan for teaching and research in the field of finance and business management.

Recently, the department has devoted to develop Fintech foundation courses, consisting of a variety of cross-disciplinary subjects that combines Finance, Technology Management and Innovation Management. Particularly, the department offers courses on AI in Finance, Blockchain in Finance, Big Data in Finance, Financial Services with Chatbots, and Robo-Advisors with Wealth Management.

In response to the huge demand of domestic and international finance, the department has collaborated with partner universities (e.g., University of Missouri in the USA) to offer students an opportunity to earn Joint (Dual) Degrees. To encourage distinguished undergraduate students to start to pursue graduate studies in the department earlier (in their BA years), our department has also instituted the Five-Year BA-MA program. In addition, the department offers domestic and international internship programs for students to gain first-hand experience working in accounting, corporate finance, and banking. Our partner institutions includes E.SUN Bank, Cathay United Bank, Yuanta Futures Corp., Gallant Ocean Group, etc.

The graduates in the department are well prepared to work in both private and public sectors such as banking, insurance companies, investment companies, industrial corporate, accounting service companies, Fintech-related companies, and financial management in government and not-for-profit organizations.